The 2016 Sundance Film Festival has come and gone…Top Shelf helped clients host bars in numerous venues along Main Street in Park City, Utah.  This years festival brought several new clients hosting private parties that included Kickstarter, Canada Goose, Dell, to name a few.  As always, it was an honor to work again with the Sundance Film Institute hosting retail bars at the ASCAP Music Cafe, New Frontier, The Gateway VR bar and the latest addition, Basecamp, on Swede Alley.   A big thanks to all the people who came out and said hi to us during the festival, and most of all to all the people that joined the Top Shelf army to get the job done!  We are grateful to have such an amazing team of individuals and everything they bring to the table!  …  Our staff of 80+ people helped serve over 17,500 Film goers over the festival! Thats a lot of Don Julio and Stella Artois!! We can’t wait to see what the 2017 Sundance Film Festival has in store for us.